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The organisation of the educational process

Our school is open from 6.30am every day. Lessons usually start at 8.15am. There is no bell. The end of the break is signalled by the switching off of the hallways lights. Teachers end lessons; there are also clocks on the walls of all floors and in the classrooms. During the breaks pupils can move around the school; they can do sports (there are ten special tables for playing table tennis, special baskets for playing basketball and a large chessboard on the floor of the hallway). During the long break (25 minutes) pupils can do sports in two gymnasiums. They can also spend the breaks out in front of the school (if weather permits). The pupils of the lower level can also go to the computer room once a week during this break. Pupils have their lunch in our school canteen. They can have their lunch from 11.55am to 1.10pm. After their lessons pupils can go to the cloakrooms and school canteen without their teachers. They can also stay in their classrooms, play games in the hallways, and work with computers in the computer room or in the staff room.

Foreign language teaching

Pupils have three lessons of their first foreign language (English) per week in classes 3 – 9. In class 8 they start another three lessons per week of their second foreign language. Pupils choose between French and German.

The system of assistance

In the following way we want to solve the problem of high number of pupils in our classes. Assistants – the assistants from our youth centre - help the teachers from the lower level classes to increase the efficiency of the educational process during some lessons. They can work either separately, only with a half of a class, or they work with the whole class and teacher together.

Free-time activities

Our Youth Centre offers many interesting activities, which are free for pupils of our school. The older pupils can play basketball, make models, do ceramics, play the guitar or keyboards, do drama, or they can work as editors of the school magazine “Malíček”.

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