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Individual and social education

An inextricable part of the school educational programme is the set of other activities connected with the individual and social education of the pupils. This is a system of educational seminars and whole-day projects developed over several years which extends to the educational part of the curriculum during whole school year. It influences atmosphere of the classes and the school in a positive way and assists to change motivation of the pupils and teaching methods. It really helps that all the education courses and seminars are proceeded as a staying somewhere in a nature environment.

The aim of these seminars for the classes 1 – 5 is cognition among pupils and teachers, increasing self-confidence of the pupils, feeling pupils’ own personalities, reception and accepting of their individual differences. During single activities we support pupils’ reciprocal respect, self-respect and responsibility. Pupils use their life skills, their rights and create rules for everyday contact among teachers and pupils.

The aim of the seminars for the classes 6 – 9 is creating a well-functional team of pupils and teachers in which all the relationships are based on respecting and helping each other, toleration and cooperation. We form the team where’s place for everyone – where everyone can feel safe.

The seminars are based on the active work of both; whole team and each individual person. They contain activities to build up team relationships, to learn how to effectively communicate and so on, all gained by own individual experience of each person.

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